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We have formed received enough requests from our website's visitors who are trying to locate the various CDs which contain the songs most known for doing "The Electric Slide".

We have searched the internet high and low and we are now opening our own online music store in order to make our findings available worldwide.

You can feel free to visit any of the links below and even listen to samples of the songs which are featured.  MP3 downloads are available for purchase as well.

If there are additional songs which are known for the dance in which we do not list, feel free to send the name of the song, artist, and the title of the CD to us.

We have added a new page which features additional songs used with the Electric Slide dance.

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The most recognized song probably comes from 
Marcia Griffiths' CD entitled "Carousel". 
The song is actually entitled "Electric Boogie".

The second most recognized song
is a rap version 
by Grandmaster Slice.
From his CD entitled
"Electric Slide (Shall We Dance)",
Grandmaster Slice's version is
actually entitled "Electric Slide" 
and samples Marcia Griffiths'
"Electric Boogie".

New in 2000 and originating out of Chicago, Illinois is 
The Cha-Cha Slide

Here is a very nice dance compilation 
that has several songs for R&B line dances 
such as the Booty Call, The Detroit Hustle, 
New Jack Swing, and other dances 
such as the Macarena included

Here is the instructional dance video 
based on the CD above that demonstrates 
how to do the various dances.  It also serves as 
a great aerobic video that shows you 
how to stay in shape 
while learning the latest dance steps!

Chicken Dance:  (CD Single) 
This party record actually 
gets on our nerves, 
but it is definitely a crowd-pleaser!

Remember that we have added a new page which features additional songs used with the Electric Slide dance.

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